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Plantronics SupraPlus HW251N Wideband Headset with M22 Vista Amplifier

Plantronics SupraPlus HW251N Wideband Headset with M22 Vista Amplifier

The HW251N headset offers a ton of standard, but excellent features like a noise-canceling microphone, quick disconnect cord and the all-day wearing comfort that Plantronics is known for. This means that you can easily and effortlessly glide through your work day without ever really knowing you’re wearing a headset. You can clip and unclip from your phone without removing your headset, and because of the noise-canceling microphone you’ll never hear a complaint from your callers due to background noise. So what’s this WideBand business all about?

The new WideBand technology from Plantronics helps to improve the sound quality of the headset. Going from the H251N to the HW251N is like going from a Casio boom box to a Bose Wave Radio – it offers a fuller sound.

The M22 amplifier offers quick and easy installation, as well as amazingly simply controls that help you to get the absolute most out of your HW251N headset. One touch mute and volume controls make the M22 a breeze to use and help you customize every phone call.

  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Easy Installation and use
  • Superior sound quality
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Manufacturer Type Cord
Microphone Type Battery Life
Plantronics Corded 27 in. Quick Disconnect Noise-canceling 6 months if turned off when not in use