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Executive Pro Amplifier

Executive Pro Amplifier

The Executive Pro Amplifier is an important element in an Executive Pro Headset System. It boosts the signal to and from your headset, providing clarity of sound from the earpiece and microphone. This convenient feature allows you to increase or decrease the volume of your headset when a caller has either a very quiet or very loud voice. Additionally, help your callers hear you better by increasing the volume of your microphone.

  • Volume and mute controls
  • High-performance, durable modular phone jack designed to help eliminate static
  • Headset hanger included
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Manufacturer Type Cord
Microphone Type Battery Life
Executive Pro Corded Not Applicable Quick Disconnect Not Applicable 6 - 9 months of battery life


  Description Price  
AC/DC Adapter for Executive Pro Systems AC/DC Adapter for Executive Pro Systems
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